La Manzanilla

We came to La Manzanilla over 25 years ago. Then, there were two cars and lots of burros. As we have watched this quaint little fishing village grow with restaurants, fancier boats, more foreigners, internet service and more recreational activities, you might think it would have lost its charm. It hasn’t…

La Manzanilla remains a small village on one of the most beautiful bays in the world. You can walk its shore for over an hour at a fast clip (8 km of shoreline) and what you will see is the exquisite sea, rocks at a distance, welcoming sand, lofty clouds, leaping fish, quaint thatched roof restaurants and small pangas (fishing boats) bringing in the catch for your evening meal.

You will not find high-rise hotels, grandiose condo developments or time-shares. For those, you need to go elsewhere.

La Manzanilla is 200km (3 hours) south of Puerto Vallarta, 40km (45 minutes) north of the Manzanillo International Airport (ZLO) and 270 km (4 hours) west of Guadalajara. Our little paradise is far enough to be away from it all, yet close enough to make your travel experience convenient. Click here to find us.

Located on Tenacatita Bay, much of the coastal area is backed by lush mangroves populated with hundreds of species of birds and wildlife. These are protected areas where baby turtles are released and stunning birds fill the sky. In the ocean, unique sea life, including whales and dolphins, turtles, as well as seabirds, such as Frigates, Pelicans and Cormorants are a common sight.

In one area of the Bay, whale mothers teach their newborns how to remove barnacles. The mothers will fully breach over and over until the little (it’s all relative) baby, makes its first tentative leap. The mother leaps again. Pretty soon the baby gets the hang of it and it starts breaching fully, as well.

At sundown, as you sip your libation overlooking the Bay, you will often be entertained by schools of dolphins – and it is so easy to arrange a trip to sea where you can see all of the beauty of the amazing west coast of Mexico.

Tenacatita Bay also has some of the best fishing in Mexico. Local catch includes Huachinango (red snapper), Tuna, Dorado (mahi mahi), Marlin, and Sailfish. There are locals who will take you out fishing or on a tour of the area.

Some of Mexico’s best golf courses are just down the road. Tamarindo and Isla Navidad are both world-class golf courses. Tamarindo is 10 minutes away and Isla Navidad is about a 20 minute drive. Click here for a full list of locally available sports, activities and pastimes.

If you do not want to cook in your fully-equipped private bungalow kitchen, dozens of restaurants offer everything to suit the palate. There is, of course, the ubiquitous tacos, but you can also get a decent filet mignon, Italian oven-baked pizza, French cuisine, some of the best Mexican food in the country, not to mention Asian cuisine. Fresh bread and rolls are baked each morning, They are served at several cafes with a locally grown organic coffee brewed into your favorite lattes and espressos. Produce is grown locally. And, the locals have come to understand the value of organic and healthy.

Should you wish to get connected to the outside world, Casa Maguey has free WIFI connections for all our guests. Many local restaurants also offer free WIFI both in town and on the beach.